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About Hike It Florida

First and foremost, Hike It Florida is a family: a diverse group of people dedicated to one another and the clients we have served for over the years. Our ultimate focus is to provide life changing experiences through the dynamic adventure of wilderness expeditions.

At Hike It Florida, our mission—changing people’s lives through exceptional travel—compels us to make a positive impact in the lives of our clients, our communities, and ourselves.

Our core values keep us focused on that mission and inform every choice that we make:

I – INTEGRITY guides our work and the relationships on which our work and success hinge

M – Travel is MAGIC and we hold the wand. Dazzle and delight. Be tireless in the search for places and experiences that will take a traveler’s breath away.

P – PASSION for travel is the reason why we’re here. Let that blast through loud and clear—in your thoughts, your words, and most importantly, your actions.

A – ACTION is where it happens. Take personal pride in diligent follow-through, timely execution, and expert delivery—our hallmarks of excellence.

C – CONNECTION enlivens us as human beings and makes our work meaningful. Truly connect with your clients and peers, our providers and industry, and of course, the world around us, near and far.

T – Know what is TRUE for Hike It Florida, find what is true for you, and make possible what is true for others.

Participant Information:

Hike It Florida keeps a 1 to 6 ratio of staff to participants for backpacking, extended trips and a 1 to 20 ratio of staff to participants for day/ night hikes. Hike It Florida serves people of all ages, ethnicities, and social classes, with an emphasis towards youth and youth at risk. Hike It Florida trip leaders are responsible for all participants 24 hours a day for the duration of the trip, excluding specified days and time off.

Working Hours
Hike It Florida events are scheduled and planned by the guide, so they set their own schedule and chose where they want to go. This freedom and flexibility allows you to work as much as you are able too.
Pay Rates

Hike It Florida is contracting with you to pay a set rate for your services based on the event price and the number of participants. You will receive pay for each event based on the event.

What every Hike It Florida guide has:

1. Desire to be a quality role model, and to see people learn new skills and gain valuable experiences.

2. Is in agreement with Hike it Florida’s philosophy and policies.

3. Eagerness to learn and a desire to work with youth and adults of all ethnicities and economic backgrounds.

4. Previous wilderness camping and backpacking experience is beneficial, but not required.

5. Enjoys wilderness travel and sharing outdoor experiences with people of all ages.

6. Is able to function professionally under stressful situations.

7. Willingness to put in long hours.

8. Able to organize and lead recreational and educational activities and initiatives.

9. Is able to display teaching ability with a constant emphasis on safety.

10. Shows good communication skills and ability to understand people.

11. Willing to forego personal rights for the common good of Hike It Florida and its participants.

12. Willing to work outdoors in a camp environment.

13. Holds, or is willing to receive training in:

     a. First aid

     b. CPR for the Professional Rescuer certifications

     c. Wilderness First Aid

14. Has a driver’s license and a good driving record.

Job Benefits
  1. Competitive pay
  2. Ability to gain valuable training, skills and experience in many of the following areas:
    • Leadership
    • Safety
    • Group management
    • Rescue
    • Navigation
    • Event coordinating
    • Trip Planning
    • Programming
    • Teaching 

3.  Food and lodging during extended trips.

4.  Ability and freedom to travel.

5. Connections/networking for possible future employment.

Position: Trail Guide

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