We are so excited that your camper(s) will be joining us. Many fun, creative, and enriching activities are planned. If you have any questions, please call us at: 813-308-1359 or send an email to HikeItFlorida@outlook.com. Once your camper is registered you will receive a confirmation letter that will contain additional information specific to your camper(s).

Our Counselors

Our Camp Counselors are the heart and soul of Hike It Florida’s Day Camps. It is their love, energy and talent that provide campers extraordinary days and lifelong memories. Our Camp Counselors are inspirational teachers and spirited leaders who help campers build skills, form friendships and have the most FUN imaginable.

The Hike It Florida staff is a team of dedicated individuals 100% committed to making a difference in the lives of children. Our staff members are highly interactive team-players who take pride in all they do. They love kids and thrive in the camp setting. They are upbeat, enthusiastic role models willing to give their full effort to create an extraordinary camp experience. And, above all, they always put CHILDREN FIRST! Our counselors work with the campers at a 1-10 ratio, are all CPR/First Aid Certified and are all background screened according to the DCF Screening Guidlines.

Positive Discipline 

It is our goal to use positive discipline to assist each camper in learning to understand what unacceptable behavior or actions are, learn to take responsibility for their own actions, and make socially acceptable behavior part of their regular routine.

If undesired behavior takes place, these are the steps our counselors are trained to follow:

  1. Redirect the child’s focus onto something more positive.
  2. Inform the child of the inappropriate behavior and let them know what is expected and why.
  3. If the behavior continues, let the child know that they have a choice of appropriate behavior, or a time out.
  4. A short, in-sight time out from the activity and notify a Camp Director of the situation.
  5. Child is taken to the Director. The steps of conflict resolution will be followed.
  6. The child’s parents will be contacted by the Director. Behavior Plans will be put into place working with the camper and family, we strive to be proactive and solution oriented. If repetition through the steps do not yield results, children or staff are at risk by behaviors then we will move on to number 7.
  7.  The child will be removed from camp by the Director.

Transportation Behavior

Keeping the children safe is our number one priority. In order to ensure a safe ride we must be firm about behavior during transportation. If a camper is misbehaving in the van (i.e. foul language, disturbing fellow campers, not following van rules) the following steps will be taken:

  1. A verbal reminder as to appropriate van behavior
  2. An assigned seat and a phone call to the family
  3. Suspended from the van for the following day
  4. Expelled from the van for the remainder of the camp

Swim Policy

If Applicable: Campers must be able to swim the length of the pool and tread water for one minute before swimming in the deep end or using the diving board and/or slide of that pool. Any camper with hair to their shoulders or longer will be required to have their hair pulled back for safety.

Things from Home

Parents are asked to help keep personal items at home: Books, toys, trading cards and electronics. (Occasionally there may be a special event or opportunity to bring an item, but you will be made aware.)  All campers are to be individually responsible for their personal items. Keeping track of personal items will be supported by camp staff, but responsibility is upon the camper.  ALL weapons or gun style items must remain at home.
We cannot and will not be responsible for any lost personal articles. Please make sure all items brought to camp are labeled with the campers first and last name.

Visitors During the Camp Day

Custodial parents/guardians are always welcome at Hike It Florida’s Children’s Day Camp. All camp visitors must first meet with the Camp Director, (please be prepared to show an ID) and must wear a VISITOR BADGE while on camp grounds.

Sun Exposure

Hike It Florida Children’s Day Camp has established some specific policies that protect our campers from the effects of exposure to the sun’s rays and still allow them to enjoy the outdoors. Our staff is vigilant and wants to help our campers protect themselves by doing the following:

  • Wear a hat!
  • Wear protective clothing – light colored and loose.
  • Wear waterproof sunscreen to camp each day – minimum SPF 15 and apply 30-60 minutes before exposure. Remember ears, tops of feet, and the neck. Use sunscreen in hazy, cloudy, and foggy weather. Reapply sunscreen regularly.

Our staff help reapply sunscreen regularly to campers K-3rd grade, we will verbally remind older campers throughout the day.


A 50% deposit can be made to secure your child’s spot at camp. The remainder of the fees are due 14 days prior to camp starting.


A 50% refund will be given with 14 days notice; no refund within 14 days.