Hike It Florida is not associated with any National, State, or Public Park.

By participating in any courses and/or activities of Hike It Florida. You recognize that any outdoor activity may involve certain dangers, including but not limited to the hazards of traveling in outdoor environments, accidents or illness in remote places, forces of nature, and the actions of participants and other persons.

You understand that during any courses and/or activities, You MAY BE PHOTOGRAPHED. You agree to allow your photo, to be used for any legitimate purpose by Hike It Florida.

In consideration of and as part payment for the right to participate in the courses and/or activities offered by Hike It Florida, you agree to RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY Hike It Florida and its employees, members, agents, and or volunteers from any and all liability, claims, and causes of action arising out of or in any way connected with your participation, or the participation of any minor that you are signing on behalf of, in any activities offered by Hike It Florida. This includes but is not limited to all liability claims and causes of action in any way connected to property owned or leased by Hike It Florida, or the actions or inactions of any Hike It Florida employees, members, agents, and or volunteers.

You personally assume all risks in connection with these activities. If you are signing on behalf of a minor, you further agree to HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY Hike It Florida and its employees, members, agents, and or volunteers from all liability, claims, and causes of action which the minor may have arising from the minor’s participation in activities. The terms of this agreement shall serve as a release and indemnity agreement for your heirs, personal representative, and for all members of your family, including any minors. (Parents or legal guardians must sign for all persons under eighteen (18) years of age.


A deposit or full payment is required to secure your spot. Deposits vary depending on the event or hike and will be listed in the description of the event. The balance is then due 60 days prior to your trip start date. Final acceptance of any participant is subject to receipt and review of all required forms, documents, and payment. Please email us HikeItFlorida@outlook.com for deposit or payment options.

All Hike It Florida trips and events are subject to itinerary changes based on a variety of circumstances, including, but not limited to, permit availability, flooding, snowpack, river crossings, wildlife, park or land closures, and forest fires. At times, alternate trips in different areas may be offered as substitutes. The price of a hiking trip will never change once you’re registered. Payments are not refundable for itinerary changes, alternate trips, and land closures. If a trip is canceled due to circumstances beyond our control and no alternate trip/itinerary is offered, a refund equal to the full amount paid (minus expenses incurred by preparing for the trip) will be issued.

Hike It Florida’s Day Camp reserves the right to alter the day camp itinerary as camp counselors seem fit. Full-Day Camp Rules and Policies can be found here

Hike It Florida reserves the right to cancel trips, classes, or hikes. Hike It Florida is not responsible for additional expenses incurred by preparing for the event (for example non-refundable advance purchase air tickets, hotels, rental cars, clothing, equipment, visa fees, medical expenses, etc.). Hike It Florida reserves the right to cancel any event in which the minimum number of guests has not been met.

Refunds for event cancellations will be made per our Refund Policy below. No refunds will be given for late arrival or early departure from a hike, class, or event, regardless of the circumstances.

  • Single Day Event Refund Policy: A full refund or transfer may be made with 7 days notice, no refund or transfer within 7 days.
  • Classroom Refund Policy: A full refund or transfer may be made with 14 days notice, 50% refund with 7-13 days notice; no refund or transfer within 7 days.
  • Children’s Day Camp: A 50% refund will be given with 14 days’ notice; no refund within 14 days.
  • Multi-day Event Refund Policy: More than 60 days prior to the Event start date, we will grant you a full refund less a $50 per person administrative fee. Less than 60 days prior to the Event start date there will be no refund or transfer.

Once the event has begun, there will be no refund.

Early Departure: If any participant decides for any reason to leave a hike, event, backpacking trip, or class early you do so of your own free will. If there are fees/expenses incurred due to a participant leaving the group early, these fees/expenses will be the responsibility of the individual participant. Hike It Florida is only responsible for transportation, food, and overnight accommodations as detailed in the trip itinerary on the website and/or in the emails from the Hike It Florida Guide.

Our trips are priced to be very competitive within the guided hiking tour industry, so we generally will not offer discounts for normal registrations. We will occasionally offer discounts for last-minute sign-ups and/or to fill slots on events where we have extra spots we can’t cancel. When available, such “Last Minute Deals” will generally be offered one to five days before a given event’s start date. We will provide notice of any discounts offered on our website and our Facebook Page.

Transferring Between Events
In the event you have signed up for one of Hike It Florida’s events but wish to transfer to another event in the same calendar year, you may do so, if space is available, with no fee provided you do so more than 60 days prior to the departure of your originally reserved event. After this date, you may still transfer to another event, but your initial reservation will be subject to our Refund Policy.

Age Requirements
Guests, less than 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. We do not recommend our Multi-day Events for children less than 12 years of age without prior discussion with event coordinator.

Hike It Florida will never sell, share, or otherwise give out any of your personal information to anyone without your consent

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