Hike It Florida’s Intercept Outreach Program for At-Risk Youth: Who, What, When, Where and of course Why

“This experience has been an absolute life changing adventure for him. He would probable be in jail or prison if it wasn’t for this program.” – Parent of Intercept Outreach Student

Intercept Outreach Program is a Hike It Florida program designed for teens and families that need help navigating the oftentimes rough transition from adolescence to adulthood. Typical Intercept Outreach students may be struggling in school, have conflict with family and have anger management issues that stem from family conflicts. We help these families forge a path to a brighter future.

For years, Intercept Outreach has been committed to helping troubled teens and families face their unique challenges. Intercept Outreach is a program for teens that have started down a destructive path.

Intercept is designed for teens and young adults who are 12-20 years of age

The outdoors of course! We offer Intercept Outreach courses across the country, where students will engage in programs that last from 10-20 days. Students face wilderness obstacles such as river canoeing and rafting, kayaking, backpacking, solo expeditions and personal challenge events.

Intercept Outreach students return from their experiences with a new outlook on life, better communication skills, anger management tools and sense of purpose. Our students truly get to know themselves and prove to themselves they can do a lot more than they ever thought they could!