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Well…here it is! Our first blog post!

First things first – we are hikers, not bloggers…but we are super excited to figure this whole blog thing out! We are here to share our experiences, learn about out readers, try out some new gear, and find hidden gems to check out next. While most of our hiking and camping has been in Florida and the Southeastern U.S. the rest of the U.S. is on our bucket list, so no area will be left out!

So, let’s chat. What’s your absolute favorite trail that you’ve hiked so far? I have 2 – the Myakka River State Park hiking trails and the Appalachian Trail.  The Myakka trail is on the top because it’s a local trail that I’ve hiked many times and know like the back of my hand. Even though I’ve been on the trail dozens of times I still find new things to see each and every time. My other favorite is the Appalachian Trail. Right now I am section hiking (kids and a job don’t make it easy to make the 5 month trip!), but someday I’d love to escape and finish the trail! I will say, I’m so happy to be done with the approach to Springer trail…whoa! Now it’s your turn! Comment below or meet us on Facebook!

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