AntiGravityGear Maps – Appalachian Trail

Even though the Appalachian Trail isn’t in Florida it’s close enough that many Floridians take on the adventure of section hiking it. I am one of those section hikers! Every year I get a little closer to Katahdin…and one day I will make it to the top!

If you’re a backpacker you know that weight is a huge factor when purchasing necessary items. Every ounce counts! And because of that my maps of choice are AntiGravityGear Maps. These maps are amazing! Not only are they only .14 ounces they are also waterproof! Those two features are a must for backpackers! They’re also ‘tear resistant’ so these maps are rugged and can take somewhat of a beating. Even though these maps are rugged I still keep mine in a plastic zipper bag just to protect it a little more.

These maps show so much detail in such a small space. Since each map shows so much detail you will need to buy multiple maps. You can either buy a single map covering the section you’re hiking at that time or you can buy the whole set of 22 maps.

AntiGravityGear did an amazing job adding pertinent detail to these maps. On one side of the map they have the topographical changes along with the A.T. marked in red. They show everything from shelters, parking locations near the trail, overlooks, crossroads, water locations, nearby towns and what’s available, and privies.

 Flip the map over and you’ll find the elevation changes. The great thing about this elevation side is that you can actually see the size what you’re up for next! You may find you’re about to hit a plateau or you’re about to hit a steep incline! Either way if you have this map in your pocket you’ll be more prepared! The elevation side also shows shelters, parking nearby, water locations, overlooks, and more.

The only downfall I’ve found is that they don’t offer maps for too many other trails. Hopefully they will add other popular trails in the future.

If you’re looking for a great, light-weight, waterproof, rugged map to take you with on the Appalachian Trail you must check out AntiGravityGear maps! I will not hike the A.T. without these maps in my backpack!

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