Patches – How to display them.

What’s a great way to help you remember all of the places you’ve hiked or visited? Patches! Yes, there are many ways to take you back to your favorite locations – pictures, stamps, stickers, hats, patches, etc. One of our favorites items to collect are patches. I have patches from places I’ve hiked and visited, for different trainings and certifications, and other fun ones I’ve come across in my travels.

I started collecting patches at a young age and had them attached to a denim jacket. This is still a popular way to display them. Maybe not the most fashionable anymore…especially on this 1980’s denim jacket!


Another way I’ve displayed my patches is on a dive flag. Yes, in a past life I was a Scuba/Cave Diver and Instructor, but I now prefer dry land!

I’ve moved on from both the denim jacket and the flag and now display my hiking patches on a hook on my backpack. This allows me to display a lot of patches at once in a small, compact way.

Having them on this hook allows me to quickly and easily remove them from my backpack when I’m trying to cut down on weight. The ring I use is actually a key ring I found at a big-box hardware store. It’s perfect and was less than $5! Before I found this key ring I actually used a metal shower curtain ring…you can get them 12 for $1 at the Dollar Store or Walmart!

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how I actually get the patches on the ring. You really need to be careful with this part!




I heat up a nail on the stove. I hold the nail with a pair of pliers. Once the nail is very hot, carefully pierce the patch. Let it cool for a few minutes and you’re ready to hang your patch from your key ring!

Do you have another way to display your patches? If so, share with us!

You can also purchase the new Hike It Florida patch in our store – click here. This patch is great for everyone – hiker’s that have hiked with us or hikers that have hiked somewhere in Florida…or those that just like our logo and want to help support a small business!

6 thoughts on “Patches – How to display them.”

    1. It was such a great hike, tons of wildlife and great company. Check out our calendar for more upcoming events.

  1. thank you for your post, I’ve been looking at doing this but wasn’t sure how to create the hole in the patch. I hadn’t thought of piercing it with a hot nail. I’m guessing you do this to keep the patch from fraying and coming apart. How long have you been carrying/displaying them using this method ? I’m curious if it will be a long term solution. This seems like the most effective way to keep your patches without committing them to a jacket or backpack that will probably wear out at some point. Thanks for your inspiration !

    1. Lynn you are correct, using the hot nail prevents the patch from fraying. It’s best to create the hole under the embroidered edge for added strength. Some of our patches have been displayed this way for several years with hundreds of miles of hikes with no major signs of wear and tear.

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